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Help with o2 volt

Joining in

Hi I have been in a contract for nearly 2 months now with Virgin but still haven’t had the Volt upgrade on my broadband. 
I have lost count of how many times I have called to ask why this hasn’t been done. I either get hung up on, they try to sell me the next package up, they tell me it’s o2s responsibility or they just blatantly lie and say it is sorted and an email will come through to show the volt package (email never came). 
most of the callers struggle to understand what I am actually asking for as it seems like they just have a script in front of them. All I want is for the broadband to be upgraded through Volt as promised when I signed up so that I can get the free wifi pods as the wifi doesn’t reach the whole house.
The volt shows with my o2 account as I have double data now which was added at the beginning of February so I don’t understand why it doesn’t show on my broadband. 
I have had nothing but issues since I signed up with Virgin I have even put a complaint in but it was the complaints department that said it was down to o2 which o2 laughed at when I rang them. 
can anyone help with this as I can’t stand another phone call with them. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MickB2024,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

I'm sorry to hear your Volt benefits haven't been added on our side yet, so I can help I've popped you over a private message.