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V6 handset and source selection

I have 4 V6 boxes and several handsets. About a year ago, the one which is used with our most watched tv (a Panasonic) went faulty and Virgin sent me a couple of new handsets. However, I have a problem. The TV button on the old one would bring up the...

Renef180 by Joining in
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Ordering a new remote

Hi all,Our remote control for our oldest box is starting to misbehave. Buttons are getting stuck and becoming non responsive. We've changed batteries but no joy.I have been told to go to by the twitter team and i then log in. ...

djr_uk by Up to speed
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V6 box not working

V6 box as gone completely now VM text a link to do a test but all it’s doing is a figure of eight death dance for over 10 minutes now 

thelion by Dialled in
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Can't pair remote on V6 box

I'm trying to pair a remote with a V6 box. I've gone through the steps to put the remote into RF mode. When I press the minus button on the front of the box, all that happens is the channels scroll if the box is on. If I turn the box off, so the ligh...

Wailsey by Joining in
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No sound on ITV chanels

I just purchased a new TCL 50" QLED TV today and upon connecting to my V6 box I find that I have no sound on all ITV channels. If I turn the V6 box off and on the problem persists, however if I turn the TV off and on the sound is restored until I cha...

Trev04 by Joining in
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1GB upgrade questions

Hello there,A couple quick questions, we have just upgraded from M250 to 1GB broadband via the Virgin website  (I understand the actual switchover can take around a week or so), there hasn't been any mentioned up needing a new hub to handle the new s...

Marmo by Joining in
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Picture quality not as good as Freeview

Whenever I visit my uncle or my sister, who only have Freeview, I instantly notice how much better the quality of picture is on their TV's. I mean, it REALLY stands out. I have 2 Tivo boxes and the same quality on both TV's.  I mean the picture isn't...

jdoocey by On our wavelength
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True Detective on Sky Showcase

I started watching this (about 10 minutes in) from My Shows and switched it off for the news. When I tried to restart it I only get the option to delete it. I've deleted it and added it again but still only have the option to delete. No option to con...

Merman23 by Joining in
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V6 box flickering and going off

Keep experiencing issues with V6 box flickering and then intermittently the screen will go dark for about 4 seconds too. This happens on recorded shows too.Any ideas what the issue is?

V6 box - issue with static and black screen

I can't find anything about my issue online and wondering if anyone else has had similar problem.I have a v6 box and every couple of days, when I turn it on I get some static or noise across the image and after a few seconds the picture turns black. ...