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iPlayer suddenly logging out

Dialled in

Hi all, 

As of yesterday iPlayer seems to constantly need to be logged in. If I log in, it's fine, if I then go back to live TV, or use another app then go back to iPlayer, I need to log in again.  I don't unplug or switch off, it's always on. It will do this after minutes of coming off iPlayer and going back in.  No other apps such as netflix etc will do this, just iPlayer.  Does this mean the box needs replaced as there doesn't seem to be any other fix for this? Ideally not as I wouldn't want to lose recordings and settings.  Thanks


Dialled in

Additionally running the diagnostics, it tells me my signal quality is FAIR, is this something that could be addressed too?

Hi @gsteruk 

Welcome back to the community forums

Sorry to hear of your concerns with iPlayer and your signal. 

Checking the systems at our side we can see that there is currently an area issues affecting your services. The team have the estimated fix time for today, but this might be updated soon as either resolved or extended. 

If you have pods you must unsure that your channel optimisation is on and your WiFi names match so that the pods will work to boost the signal. If the names are not matched or if channel optimisation is not on, then the pods will not work. 


With iPlayer, that is an odd one. Are you logged into iPlayer on any other device at all? Could be an issue with iPlayer only at this time. What happens if you reboot the set top box fully, does the issue still happen?

Here to help 🙂
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