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Virgin 360 remote stopped working

Joining in

My parents remote virgin 360 remote has stopped working yet again. To be clear it was working and had been for a few weeks. We have tried to pair it to the box again but it will not pair. We get the message pairing failed. This is the third remote we have had. We reported it again and they are sending us yet another remote which will no doubt work for a few days or weeks, maybe a month. The batteries are fine... My dad has a meter that shows that the batteries are fine. Also each time they turn on the TV when the box has been powered down over night they have to remove the batteries to get it to work again.


We tried to ask for a new box but virgin just say all they can do is send out yet another remote.


Can someone please help?


Community elder

The Virgin TV boxes are designed to be left in the standby mode, not switched off at the plug so they get any updates, when you said "powered down" did you mean standby or a complete power off.

It's also best to have the box set to fast start or active start, active start is the best compromise.

If you are using rechargeable batteries they often don't charge up to 1.5 V which can also be a problem.


They leave it in standby mode. Will try setting their box to active start next...