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Virgin 360 Remote Not Turning TV Off

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Hi there,

My virgin 360 remote will turn ON my TV however I am unable to turn it off. It’s stopped my TV remote from working at all apart from volume control. This means that I am unable to select input to change HDMI channels which is really frustrating. 
I’ve changed the batteries, reset the connection, reset my virgin TV box and still nothing working. 

Also this may mean a fault with my TV however the buttons on the actually TV itself don’t seem to be responsive either. 

any ideas?



The TV 360 remote won't prevent your tv remote from working correctly.   Sounds like a TV fault 

Hiya, thanks for this I thought it may be but as something added, if I unplug my TV then the remote will start working again as long as I don’t turn on the virgin box, as soon as I turn it on again the TV remote stops functioning. 

It’s really strange! 


You should be able to change TV source with the 360 remote.... Bottom left above blue button.   It could be that you are on an incorrect TV code 

Sometimes the source button works but other times it doesn’t do anything, sorry what would that mean incorrect TV code? Is that something I can fix? To be honest the TV is about 8 years old or so now anyhow so maybe it’s time for an upgrade!