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Virgin 360 Box Hub and Router

Tuning in

Hi folks

I've currently got an old Virgin Tivo box and Virgin broadband, with the Tivo box in the living room downstairs and my router upstairs in the office, on the middle floor of the house so it's central.

I've just been upgraded to a Tivo 360 box, which is due to arrive soon, but I'm a bit concerned about how that's going to work with my current set-up.

I understand you have to set it up using the hub and coaxial cable. I've already got a coax cable for the TV and Tivo box downstairs, so that should be OK, but would I still be able to position the router upstairs? Obviously I already have a cable there for my Virgin signal, because that's what I'm using at the moment. But what I basically mean is, can is separate the new router and hub? ie keep the hub downstairs next to the telly and put the router upstairs.

Hope someone can help!

Many thanks



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi hammersmith69 

You won't receive an additional router/hub, just the TV360 box and remote.  The TV360 box should be able to connect wirelessly to your current hub providing the wifi signal is strong enough. (Your hub won't be changed unless it's one of the older hub2 or hub2ac's)

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Alessandro Volta

If you have a hub in modem mode with a router upstairs, then you can certainly keep the hub where it is but a configuration will be needed to get your setup to work.

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