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Upgrading to 360

On our wavelength

Hi everyone - just wondering how I upgrade to 360 from my current V6 box. There’s nothing on the website about how to do this and can’t seem to find anyone at Virgin Media who can help.



If you have a 4K TV and the V6 is upscaling to 4K try setting the V6 to1080 and let the TV do the upscaling, the TV probably has better upscaling quality than the V6 box, japitts might be able to help with the best setting on the V6.

My LG TV will upscale better than the 360 it's more noticeable on some content than other, particularly dark scenes where there is less artifacting. The only downside on the 360 is if you output at 1080 if you then try to watch some 4K it says you can't so you have to switch back to 4K in the 360 settings. I think you can set the V6 so you don't have to do that but it's been 3 years since I had V6.

Have a good Xmas 🌲🎅



Great advice - thank you! I shall try that!

happy Xmas!