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TNT ultimate dark picture

Tuning in

Got arsenal forest on and ultimate picture is so dark. TNT hd is fine. Anybody know what this should be or is it just a temporary fault with the channel


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As others have commented, it really depends on your TV. On my Hisense, the picture is brightest on 'Dark HDR', not 'Bright HDR'!  I tried the above comment about switching resolution, but it makes no difference. It's still HDR-HLG.

I think last season BT Sport was UHD but not HDR. There was a brief period when it was HDR. I'm the only person in my house that can tell the difference between HD and UHD, so rarely watch the UHD channels now!

Hi bobbisared

Mine was as a response to cje85 as well. 😀

I hope you’ll get it sort it out.

On our wavelength

Yet it's too dark for me too on a new Sony TV. The old BT Sports Ultimate channel was great. It's now unwatchable. Hope it's fixed soon.

I have a newish Sony OLED. I changed my gamma settings from -2 to +2 and it solved the problem. May possibly work for you.

Tuning in

I know this is an older issue but I just turn the ambient light detector on my eco settings off and it fixed the issue 

Hey Jeff15, thank you for reaching out and letting us know this.

We are sure this advice will help people in the future. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Agree as never had this problem when it was BT ultimate now it’s TNT it’s dark.

What a legend. Sorted it 👌🏼

On our wavelength

I solved my issue on a Sony TV. Go into advanced settings, video options and set HDR mode to off. All the HDR modes look awful so set it to off. I've got a clear bright picture now.

Thanks for letting us know that you have been able to get this resolved and how you did it 👍

Kind Regards,