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TNT Sports Ultimate HDR


Hi, I’ve noticed today when I changed the channel on TNT Sports Ultimate that now HDR it’s available like on all Sky Sports UHD channels. So, the quality should be better now. I’m sure that not all people will be happy with this change because of the dark image. Fortunately it’s not the case for me.


Alessandro Volta

Yes, HLG is now being broadcast. The most usual reasons for poor HDR PQ are wrong TV picture settings or TV isn't good at processing HDR.

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Since TNT took over the picture quality on the Ultimate channel is a disgrace. It`s dull, washed out and worse then the HD channel. Why can`t you leave things alone as the picture was superb when BT Sport Ultimate. 

It isn't a VirginMedia issue - this is from a BTtv user in the BT forums in the past week: "Anyone else notice a drastic downgrade in quality from BT Sport Ultimate to TNT Sport Ultimate? Games don’t even look 4K anymore, almost like 1440p. Looks like Atmos is missing again from the Newcastle-Man Utd game. Price is the same but there’s a clear downgrade in quality between the old service and new service. I have a game recorded on my box pro from BT Sport Ultimate and the picture is crystal clear compared to what we’re getting served up on TNT Sports."

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UPDATE Just realised that my Samsung Q90 is the problem. It gives you the option of switching to HDR+ but the picture quality on TNT Ultimate is still awful. This LED is clearly hopeless at handling HDR. The reason I say this is I have the Samsung Q95T upstairs and noted how much better the picture quality is on this LED. It`s a later model and whilst not brilliant it is much better then the Q90.

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What TV do you have?