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Sky Cinema and Sports not working on second box

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Just recently had a second 360 box installed in my room with TNT, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports. It all works fine on my original box downstairs,  however Sky Cinema and Sports come up with an error code 100:70. The only premium channels that work on my new box are the TNT ones. Any help appreciated!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Just_Jay_92 

 Since you've just upgraded to a second box then it's likely that the Sky Cinema and Sky Sports codes have only been applied to one box.

Have you tried swapping the boxes around to see if the 100:70 fault follows the box? It might force an update of the channels (you won't lose them from the original box)

I would recommend calling the TV faults team on 0345 454 1111 option 1, 2 then 2 again and they will be able to look into adding those channels for you.

A member of the forum team may pick this up for you, but it may take a day or two.

I'm not sure if this will work but one workaround you can try whilst you are waiting for the channels to be updated is to record any programs from those channels that you are wanting to watch live, and see if you can play the recording on the second box.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Just_Jay_92 Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the TV channels you've has recently. 😢
Are you able to reboot the entire setup to see if they are then working? 🧾

If that doesn't work - can you try the advice given on this thread as well?

Let us know and we can go on from there.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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