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Problems with v360

Tuning in

Since I was given the v360 I have had nothing but trouble. It loses the source either randomly or at start up. Have to press button in box to resolve. Virgin app freezing on initial logo screen, have to completely turn off at wall to solve. Losing sound when not muted. Just now remote completely froze, new batteries no different. Had to turn off at wall. Had engineer in twice, was good, new box, new connections into house and at hub. Been slightly better but still problems. It’s completely flaky basically. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Nicki-JP,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this isue with your TV Box.

Can you confirm when you say the app is freezing on logo, can you confirm do you mean that when you turn on the Virgin box it is not fully restarting? With the Remote have your reset the pairing to the box?


Hi Joe.  Sorry - I wrote the wrong name there - I meant the NETFLIX screen was freezing on the logo.  Thats if I go into it via the Apps menu or by Voice command.  I can hear Netflix going on in the background, but I just have the initial black screen.  When that happens I can go into Netflix with no problem by using the Netflix App on my Samsung TV, so Netflix itself isnt the problem. Since the last visit from the engineer I can now go back to the menu with the remote rather than having to turn off at the wall.  And it has only done it a couple of times in 3 weeks since the last visit from the engineer. 

The other issue is that either on start up or sometimes just randomly I get the No Connection at source blue screens.  Since it first started happening when I first got the new v360, the engineer has changed the box to the latest one and updated the connections coming into the house and inside going to the hub etc.  It's still happened 6 times since them - although its not as often as before - and I can get out of it now by pressing the source change button on the remote.  

I have a great engineer I can contact, but the reason I posted on the forum is to see if other people are having this problem as well.  I know the freezing Netflix screen comes up if you Google it.  My point is that whereas I've never have any problems with the TV - all this has happened since the v360 installation.  

Any thoughts?


Hi Nicki-JP, 

Thanks for coming back to us and taking the time to update us on things. We're glad that the engineer has been able to make a small difference in things. 

With the source issue, this could be an issue with the HDMI cable or the HDMI port itself preventing a loss of connection between the box. Has this been replaced yet? If not, it's worth trying that and if it doesn't resolve the issue, try plugging the HDMI into another port. 

With the Netflix issue, is this the only app this happens on or do you have similar issues on other apps too?

Keep us posted.

Forum Team

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Thats strange - I'm sure I replied to this!  

Anyway - no the Netflix issue doesn't happen with any of the other apps.

The engineering changed the cable from HDMI2 to HDMI1 but thats made no difference.  I don't think he replaced the HDMI cable itself - is it attached to the back of the box?

Hi @Nicki-JP 

Thanks for coming back to us. 

Are you able to try another HDMI cable at all?

Also, what is your box set too in the settings? Can you pop it on fast start for me to see if it helps?

Potentially as well, do you have a TV that the default setting when you turn the TV on, doesn't bring up the Virgin TV? For example mine doesn't, I have to press the HDMI option via the remote.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Hi John

I have ordered a new HDMI cable.

My TV goes straight to Virgin when I turn it on.  If the button on the box is red, I know it will go to the blue No Connection screen straight away, and when I go to TV start up and 'reselect' Virgin App it then goes in OK.

With regard to your fast start suggestion - I can't see an option for that on either the TV settings or the Virgin settings.  Where will I find this.


Hi @Nicki-JP 

Thanks for coming back to me and confirming that about the TV setting. 

For the fast start option - home, settings, sytem, standby power consumption. 

Keep us posted how the new HDMI cable goes.

Forum Team

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