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Pause exiting after 30 minutes

Joining in

There appears to be an irritating bug/feature when pausing a recording, where it exits to the menu after just 30 minutes. What makes it even worse is that often it then refuses to allow me to carry on watching from where it exited, only watch from start and then have to try and remember where I left it.

Not sure what purpose it serves either, if it's supposed to be some sort of screensaver then it exits to a static menu screen anyway, and as it's something being recorded to the drive (which is nowhere near full) it can't be as a result of some sort of buffer getting full (which I'd understand when pausing a live, non-recorded program)

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable this, or at the bare minimum increase the timeout to something a bit more reasonable and user-friendly? Tried searching/googling to no avail, but much appreciated if anyone does know anything, you'll save me so many headaches!


Community elder

I must admit I haven't seen this problem as I never pause something that I am recording certainly for that long, there won't be a setting that you can change if it's something that been done by design.

As a workaround you could try watching it as a recording from the start just after it's started recording and then switch to live TV if you need to pause for 30+ minutes and then you should be given the option to resume watching from where you left the recording when you go back to your recordings or if the programme is still on in you select it from the guide you should again have the option to carry on watching.