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Pairing Majority Soundbar help please!

On our wavelength

Hi folks,


Does anyone know how to pair the remote with a soundbar? I have a Majority Bowfell model whose remote has died.


I go to the pairing option in the menu, enter Majority, then it asks for a model 4 digit code. I've tried 1000, which is supposed to be the model number and 01FE, suggested on Majority website.


Bit stuck. Thanks in advance.




Community elder

Someone else with a Majority soundbar said they typed in the model name (Snowdon in their case) and then did the volume key testing and at the third attempt it worked.


On our wavelength

Hey. Thanks for the tip. I'll  check it out. Good knowledge!🙏

On our wavelength

Unfortunately no joy!


Thanks anyways.



Hello Bucky897.

Thanks for your post.

Sorry you are unable to pair your Majority sound bar to our remote.

I have had a quick look at the Majority website from here and was just checking to see if the sound bar was still paired to the remote.

I even tried to see how to factory reset it, but you need the remote to do that.

As this is a 3rd party device we can only help with so much.

Have you looked into the possibility or purchasing a replacement remote control?

I really do hope you get this resolved.