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Netflix channel and app not working

Tuning in

Netflix crashing and the box seeming to crash.  Netflix and Disney+ are not loading (just shows Netflix logo for some time, and then an error code CS2400, even if I select Disney?).  BBC, ITV and C4 each require registration each time……what do we do?

prime loads having shown the Netflix sign!?  but then crashes when select a programme to watch.

so annoying! Anyone have the same or a solution?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Scuba13, and welcome back to our Community Forums.

Sorry to hear of the issues with the streaming services on your set top box.

Can you please confirm if this is still ongoing, or if this has since been resolved?

If this is still ongoing, can you please confirm what diagnostics you have previously performed on the set top box to help remedy this issue?



Hi David_Bn

still happening. I’ve logged out, logged in, turned off at socket, waited like it says. Can't think of anything else to do! 

I have two set top boxes. Don’t want to hit reset factory settings as I’m worried will lose all recordings from other box linked?!?

Any suggestions?

Hello Scuba13.

Thanks for replying.

Just wanted to ask if the issues are happening on your main box or the additional box?

If its the additional box then we can look at swapping this and you wont lose the other recordings.