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Film recording

Joining in

I start watching a film on my 360 box and decide to record the remainder of the film. I do this by pressing the red record button on the remote. Later when going to watch the film I find it had not recorded to the end which I only find out when watching the recording! This has happened on the last two films I recorded- Species and Mission Impossible Fallout. Is there a fix please?



Which channel and what time were these recordings?

Community elder

How much of the end of the films are missing, if it's just a few minutes you might need to use the advanced recording option to add some extra time because the film schedule is running late, you can also change the default in settings.

If you are missing around half of the film then depending which channel it was on, the film is sometimes split on the TV guide because the channel has a short news headlines or entertainment news item in between the listings, if this is what's happening you might need to set a series link so it records both halves of the film.