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Deleted recordings

Joining in

I got a new reuter ( the most up to date one) weeks ago as my old one was having problems.  Everything has been fine til last night, I couldn't play my apps (error code CS2400). Today was the same so I turned Everything off and back on and that seemed to fix my apps, although I had to sign back into them all. Now ive just noticed all my recordings have gone. It's as if I'm starting from scratch again.  Please advise what happened 


Community elder

Hi Tracy04,

If all the apps are now working OK but you have lost your recordings it sounds like the box is possibly faulty. The information for the recordings is held on Virgins servers so if you have the TVGO app on your phone you could check by using the app to see if that thinks you have anything saved.

If you try recording something as a test does it record also rewinding and pausing live TV and then watching will test that the box is now working for the time being.

You could try a factory reset of the box using the keep recordings option someone did say they reappeared again but I think that's unlikely, but if you do the factory reset and you lose your recordings again in the future then you will need to call Virgin to report a faulty box unless one of the forum team picks this up.