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Can’t delete recordings on iPhone App and Box

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Please help

can't delete recordings 

can’t record a few particular programs on bbc1


Community elder

Can just clarify what you can't delete and what you can't record, also is this just using the iphone app or actually using the box and remote or both.

The 360 does need to be set to fast start or active start if trying to use the app when the box is in standby.


Programming that was recorded last few days 

it is set to active starts 

loose women and Jonathon Ross are the new ones 

wouldn’t play back as well 

i did a reset and still not working 

Hi @Sheffield2023vi 

Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear that you're having issues with managing your recordings at this time. 
Do you see any error messages or codes at all when you go to delete your recordings at all? What happens when you try to action the request please? 

Here to help 🙂
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Still no luck with this

trying to series link on itv bbc1 and ch 5 tonight and can only do single episodes 

wont set to record on iPhone or iPad says it’s offline!

had so many minor issues and contract is due July!

hope I can get it fixed as I call and end up on call for 45mins 

On our wavelength


On our wavelength