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Audio out of sync

Dialled in

Recently I've noticed that when watch programs that the audio is slightly out of sync with the video. It's only about a second but it can be annoying watching someone speak the voice stops but the lips are still moving.
I've rebooted the box a couple of times but has made no difference.

Any suggestions please.



Have you tried the different sound settings in Audio & Video.

Settings > Audio & Video > Audio output has three options:-

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PCM 5.1 (HDMI only)
PCM 2.0

I had tried them and they made no difference.
But look again I noticed another setting, Audio delay. Tried that at 20ms and that seems to have sorted it. At the moments.

Let's hope that works 🤞



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @chrispy1 


Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the issue!


Glad to hear the change has managed to make a difference, keep us updated if this changes.



Forum Team

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Live programs it seems to have but sometime recording are out of sync. There don't seem to any pattern to it sometimes it OK sometimes it's not. Doesn't matter what channel.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @chrispy1,

Thanks for getting back to us, if you could make note of any recordings it is happening on so that we can go about reviewing this for you. 


Happens to me too. Quite often, very annoying.  You have to pause then press the stop button then go up and back down a channel to sort it