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Audio Sync problem with new 360 box

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I have had the new V6 /360 box for 10 days and have problems with the audio synchronisation.

My TV is a 4 year old 50" Sony Bravia with Sony sound bar. When I had the Tivo and the model before it I never had any problems.

The audio is okay with the soundbar off but when using the soundbar the audio drifts after about 5 mins. I have tried Dolby On/Off settings , audio delay set to 20m/sec and follow audio On/Off. All work for 5 mins then drift. 

I have telephoned Virgin on 2 occasions the 2nd time getting through to their 2nd tier support. Went through all the power down re-boot etc  but still the same issues.

Anyone else have this problem and any suggestions?



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Update not all channels suffer the same level of delay bbc being the best 

ultra HD channel is the worst total unwatchable as sync so bad

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Hi ,


Virgin replaced my 360 box but the problem is still there. Audio sync keeps drifting.

Their technical help guy sent me a text to say that their technical team are investigating and will get back to me.

He did not give a time-scale so not holding my breath !

After advice from 3 different tech guys on the phone I finally got one who talked me through how to solve the problem So the fault is fixable it's just getting the right agent to talk you through it

Hi Wulbury,

Glad your problem has been fixed.


Can you please advise what they suggested.


Many thanks

Hi MrUnHappy2,

I had the TV360 connected to my TV and the sound connected from the TV to my Sony amp using optical cable, it was connected like this because the Samsung TV had adjustable audio delay, the Sony is sync on or off only, this is how it was connected to the Tivo V6 and worked OK.

To cure the sync problem with the 360 box I connected the 360 to the Sony amp just using HDMI no optical cable, and then Sony amp to TV. Settings are follow content and 0 delay on the 360 and on the Sony amp sync set to on.

This seems to working for me, hope you get your system sorted out.

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Hi Roy,


Thanks for your input. Can I ask how you connected the TV to the sound-bar i.e. via optical ? I am at a bit of a loss on that part of your suggestion..

Currently config is HDMI from 360 to TV and HDMI from TV to sound-bar . I have an optical cable but not currently connected.. When I connected the TV to sound-bar via the optical cable as suggested by Virgin's technical people the audio was very distorted.





Hi MrUnHappy2

Video and audio through the HDMI cable into the Sony SAT input from the HDMI out on the 360, video then through the HDMI TV out on the Sony into the TV. My Sony has HDMI inputs for Satellite, DVD and Blu Ray, with the output to the TV through HDMI. It also has an input for optical but at the moment I have not connected that to the 360.

I guess it depends on what connections you have available.


On our wavelength

Thanks Roy will give it a go.

No problem, it would be interesting to know what Wulbury's fix was.

Hope you get your problem fixed.

I wish I had written down what tech guy guided me through I know I was on settings then audio but can't remember the rest of it