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360 remote NOT pairing with Sky Glass

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Hi There, after recently rejoining Virgin from Sky Glass package, and been told that the V360 is compatible with sky glass, which it is not! The new Virgin Remote cannot pair with the SKy glass unit. 

Can some tech guru at Virgin get a `patch` to allow an update on the remote from sky glass. I have tried the Phillips, TP V codes and Element TV etc without any success. I feel as if i have missold the whole package from Virgin

I now find myself having to use 2 no remotes.  in order to switch off glass tv and tur up/down volume.i need to use the SKY remote and V360 remote for everything else. 

Will this be ever resolved and fixed.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Kallyboy10 

Have you tried pairing it with the Sky Media option?

Also have you tried the key testing method under both the Phillips and Sky Media options? Don't just accept the first one that appears to work. Try a few more as there are often 3 or 4 that may work more fully than others.


It should be possible to use an All In One remote such as the One For All URC1240 (currently £12 from Amazon and £12.99 from Argos) - this works with the 360 using code 1582 (it needs setting up in direct line of sight)

The OFA  URC1240 does have various codes for Sky and Phillips, however it would probably be simpler and quicker to use the Code Search function to set it up rather than trying all the codes.  The Code Search function does manage to pair devices even when listed brand codes don't work.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Hi There


Yes i did try all options with Sky Media and Phillips.. to no avail. THe remote operates the channels etc but not able to turn off tv or adjust volume up or down.


I dont see the need to buy another remote to test - Virgin should be able to sort this with a patch and update.

I wont be the only one who is getting annoyed with this.

We understand the frustration Kallyboy10 and apologise for the experience. We will pass the feedback to the team to look into for future updates. 



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Hi, I have managed to get it to work recently. When you go to pair the remote with a device, select TV and then select SKY as the manufacturer. When it asks for the code put in the following (Depending on your model). 

LT043-f1-zzz , LT055-f2-zzz , LT065-f3-zzz 
These worked for me as I can now control the volume, mute function and turn the TV on and off. Hope this helps.

Perfect! Thanks 👏