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360 box ordering

Joining in


I’ve been offered a free 360 upgrade but can order through my current tv box. There’s not an upgrade app on my current box. How do I go about ordering? Many thanks 


Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Hey @dibbo14 , I've asked the forum team to reach out for your details.

We're looking into why you cant see the app yet, apologies, and we'll try to get it on there ASAP.  

Sky Sports+ doesnt launch for a few more weeks so there's planty of time!

Can someone also reach out to me, I have tried to contact technical support but they don’t seem to understand what I am asking for, as a result I have upgraded to UHD for an extra charge but still no new remote for me to access sky sports+

Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Hey @dibbo14  @David83val 

Apologies for any confusion, some customers recieved the Sky Sports+ email comms before their box had the upgrade app applied.  We have identified everyone impacted and you should see the upgrade message in the next 48 hours.  Dont worry we still have a month or so before the launch of Sky Sports+!