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360 Box keeps disconnecting from internet

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For the last few weeks my 360 box keeps disconnecting from the internet and when I try to reconnect it keeps telling me that there is an issue between the 360 box and the Internet hub and it won't reconnect.  I connect via Wi-Fi as my Hub is upstairs, so unable to connect via Ethernet.  I have no problem linking any other devices via Wi-Fi, it is just the 360 box that has the problem, so that leads me to believe that the box is the cause of the issue.  I would like a resolution to this issue as I feel that I am not getting value for money from my account because of it as unable to access any catch-up services.



If you have 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels available for the WiFi try using 2.4 as it's a stronger signal, if you don't have both bands then you need to split your Wi-Fi network, instructions on how to do that are in link below, when you have selected Advanced Settings you will also need to select Wireless, Wireless Signal and click on Disable Channel Optimization  at the bottom then click on Apply Changes.

If you are using pods don't split your network.

If you are on the Volt package you might be eligible for WiFi pods To boost your signal.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @mj2504smith, and welcome back!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the services on the 360 TV box in the upstairs of your property.

Can you please confirm if you've been able to attempt the diagnostics advised by @roy247 for us?

If so, please provide us with the effects of this attempt



Sorry it's taken so long to try out the diagnostics, but have now done this and it has made no difference as 360 box (which is downstairs, not upstairs were the router is located) is still disconnecting from the internet on a daily basis.  As I said before, I believe the box is at fault as nothing else I use (tablet, mobile, fire stick) have the same issues.

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Predictably, the 360 box has disconnected again from the Wi-Fi hub, so splitting the network did absolutely sod all to fix the issue the box has now been experiencing for a couple of months.  Pretty clear to me that this is yet again another faulty box that I have been saddled with ( had my previous one replaced), because of course Virgin just can't get their act together and give their customers a proper, fully functioning tv service.  I don't hold out much hope that this will be fixed by another replacement, same thing will happen again.

Hi mj2504smith, 

Thanks for taking the time to come back to us with an update. We're sorry the above advice didn't help. 

It looks as though the hub has been on for quite some time so it is worth rebooting this just to refresh things. Simply turn it off at the plug and wait a few minutes before turning it back on. This will hopefully improve things but if it doesn't, pop back and let us know so we can arrange for an engineer visit to investigate things further. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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