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360 Box Output Flickering

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I have a brand new 360 box and the tv output keeps flickering. I have tried three different HDMI cables and am still getting the same issues.


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Is it flickering on live TV, recordings and on-demand, as well as different HDMI cables have you tried a different input on the TV.

If it's flickering on all of those I would suspect a faulty box, if you have 2 boxes you could swap them around to see if the fault follows the box or another TV to try on the box that would confirm the box is faulty.

You might need to call Virgin, 150 from your Virgin phone, mobile or landline, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone to report a fault, or you can wait for a forum team member to respond which may be 2 to 3 days.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @lewchan


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear the issue with your 360 boxes


Are you able to answer the above question from roy247? We'll be happy to investigate this further if needs be, please do keep us updated



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I have just noticed mine is flickering too. I’ve just started watching on demand in the last month. Every program I watch the screen flickers every 15 - 30 seconds. It’s very annoying. I too have used 3 other hdmi cables. The engineer was here only a few days ago. 

Thanks for your post @gillhoose, and I'm sorry to hear of the flickering on the set top box.

Does this happen when watching On Demand only? Is this across all broadcasters or just one in particular?

Is Live TV or streaming via Netflix, Prime etc...also effected by the same fault?

Can you please confirm if the set top box is connected to our broadband services via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable?



Hi. It only happens whilst watching Virgin on demand. All other platforms are fine. Netflix. Prime are all ok it’s just virgin on demand. In connected via Ethernet cable. 

I am sorry to hear this, could you put a video / photo on this forum so we can take a look.

If everything else is working this is a good sign. 

Matt - Forum Team

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