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360 Box ARC problem

Joining in

Anybody know of issues with 360 box not supporting ARC? I’ve a Samsung QLED and a Samsung Soundbar, my issue is my 360 box disconnects the ARC off my sound bar, I’ve done everything correctly, I’m clued up on my stuff but this has really annoyed me, I’ve tried everything I’ve swapped my one connect box to see if that’s the problem, I’ve swapped my soundbar to see if that’s the problem, changed cables, hard reset both tv and bar. Sound comes on ARC on bar for a bit then goes back to tv speakers. Sometimes if I disconnect all cables , unplug everything then switch back on after 20 minutes it works, then if I switch it off and back on it reverts back to tv speakers. I’m hoping someone has a solution or someone from Virgin Media can shed some light on this issue, as for me it’s a big issue and very frustrating!!!!


I'm having the exact same issue using my samsung soundbar. Worked for about 3 months and now it just reverting back to tv speakers. Only way I can use soundbar with 360 is by Bluetooth connection