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360 Box ARC problem

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Anybody know of issues with 360 box not supporting ARC? I’ve a Samsung QLED and a Samsung Soundbar, my issue is my 360 box disconnects the ARC off my sound bar, I’ve done everything correctly, I’m clued up on my stuff but this has really annoyed me, I’ve tried everything I’ve swapped my one connect box to see if that’s the problem, I’ve swapped my soundbar to see if that’s the problem, changed cables, hard reset both tv and bar. Sound comes on ARC on bar for a bit then goes back to tv speakers. Sometimes if I disconnect all cables , unplug everything then switch back on after 20 minutes it works, then if I switch it off and back on it reverts back to tv speakers. I’m hoping someone has a solution or someone from Virgin Media can shed some light on this issue, as for me it’s a big issue and very frustrating!!!!


Tbh I just kept on messing about with resetting everything. Virgin themselves will not able to resolve it, their excuse will be ever time that other equipment will have an issue or something like that, they just don’t care. My’n works to a degree where at times I switch it on and sometimes it comes on sometimes I have to manually switch soundbar on and of once to get it going, tbh it’s better. The conclusion is the 360 box id the problem, no arc out on the box !!!, they can’t blame your equipment as I’ve been in vision electric retail for 20 years I know my stuff inside out, the 360 is not good enough for the modern equipment tbh, software is no good no matter what Virgin say. Might be wise to go bk to sky !!! Sorry for the bad news 🤦🏼‍♂️

@Donfor40 wrote:


What happened to VM Atmos option since recent s/ware upgrade is is found using follow content.


Dolby Atmos was available on BT Sport ultimate yesterday for the football, 360 needs to be set to follow content (bitstream).


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Thanks mate, tried all that but no joy and the minute we turn the Virgin box on the TV reverts back to playing Sound through the TV speakers. End of the day, clearly there is an issue with the Virgin box / software, so if they won't resolve, I'll just cancel the TV part of my contract when due for renewal as its not fit for purpose. Don't get me wrong, the broadband is great, but I'm also.paying for the TV and frankly can't use it.

I was also having a problem with the sound bar not accepting the ARC and after a bit of trouble shooting worked out that when the FireCube was uplugged the sound bar was fine.  Factory rest on the FireCube and all in working fine now

The HW-Q70T soundbar has an HDMI input, so use this to connect to the TV box (in this case the 360) and connect the HDMI out to the TV's HDMI 1. Get this working first, then deal with other sources such as a Blu-ray player.

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Thanks for letting us know that your issues have now been resolved @SavaSnoopy.



On our wavelength

Thanks for letting us know that your issues have now been resolved @SavaSnoopy.




Hi Steven any help for the rest of us having issues on this thread? If Virgin can't resolve then the 360 box is pointless as we cannot watch.

Hi @Andy111

Sorry to hear that this issue is still ongoing for you. Has none of the mentioned troubleshooting steps resulting in resolutions for the other community members help you in anyway. Unfortunately, as this is a 3rd party device set up issue, we are unable to offer support for this.  

Here to help 🙂
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This is a long thread can somone cut me some details and specifics so I maybe can help ?


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I can edit that EVERYONE has has a bad experience, but mostly its when connected through soudbars or home cinema systems ?