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360 Box ARC problem

Joining in

Anybody know of issues with 360 box not supporting ARC? I’ve a Samsung QLED and a Samsung Soundbar, my issue is my 360 box disconnects the ARC off my sound bar, I’ve done everything correctly, I’m clued up on my stuff but this has really annoyed me, I’ve tried everything I’ve swapped my one connect box to see if that’s the problem, I’ve swapped my soundbar to see if that’s the problem, changed cables, hard reset both tv and bar. Sound comes on ARC on bar for a bit then goes back to tv speakers. Sometimes if I disconnect all cables , unplug everything then switch back on after 20 minutes it works, then if I switch it off and back on it reverts back to tv speakers. I’m hoping someone has a solution or someone from Virgin Media can shed some light on this issue, as for me it’s a big issue and very frustrating!!!!


Tried all of the above, only time I don’t get ARC is when 360 box is connected to my one connect box, even plugged 360 box into Sound bar direct, no joy. I’ve tried another one connect box no joy. I mean could it be a faulty 360 box ?

Don't know what settings your Samsung has but on my LG you can select the audio format for each input, select bitstream, then digital sound output, select pass through.

When I watch BTSport ultimate the display on the soundbar shows it's switching to Dolby atmos and then if I switch back to Sky Sports it shows it's switching to Dolby. The soundbar shows E-ARC the rest of the time.

2.1 hdmi cables required for E-ARC support, there are also other settings for soundbar mode control etc which the Samsung probably also has.


I’ve tried everything, bitstream, PCM. Unfortunately I’m not getting any joy, my tv doesn’t do eARC as 3 year old, does TVARC, as been working before, cables are all fine. Tbh has me baffled, I even tried the bar upstairs on my Oled and that came up with eARC instantly. I honestly can’t think it can be anything else barring the 360 box

If you have the 360 connected directly to your soundbar then (as I don't have your setup) I would have thought if the display on the soundbar is saying 'dolby in' then that could be correct as the arc, e-arc, is only between the TV and soundbar, do you have an info status for your soundbar via the soundbars remote.

Does the soundbar turn off or stay on and the sound play through the TV.

This sort of problem is always easier to try and fix when you are in front of it.

When you tried upstairs did you have a virgin box connected ?


  • I didn’t have virgin box upstairs, direct to tv.  D.IN is for Optical in , it all worked fine till a few weeks ago it just stopped working. I then unplugged everything, took all cables out and bk in and then switched on 20 minutes later. I was watching Netflix absolutely fine with sound bar displaying ARC, then I switched over to my 360 box, ok for 10 seconds then reverted bk to tv speakers and displayed D.IN
    Fed up as I’m baffled 

TBH it sounds like it's the TV not passing the sound to the soundbar for some reason, has the TV got some clever sound control setting where it decides the best sound setting for the source and it's not using the soundbar ?

What do you have connected to the optical input. If it's the 360 disconnect it.



Optical is not connected, u could be right, tv not not recognising sound bar , it actually recognises a receiver 🤦🏼‍♂️, it only seems to come through if I connect a optical or the Wi-Fi option on sound bar, however it does recognise ARC if I’m watching blu rays , Netflix etc.. but not the 360 box 🤦🏼‍♂️

Did you ever get this sorted mate. We've had exactly the same problems with the 360 box.

Our set up is Virgin 360 connected via an HDMI (high speed certified cable) to the 2021 LG G1 Oled, then the TV connected to the LG 2021 Soundbar SP11 RA via Earc and again a high speed certified HDMI cable and the minute I turn on the Virgin box it affects the TV and reverts the sound back to the TV speakers. Even if we arnt watching Virgin and are watching something else from a Streaming device connected to another input, it keeps affecting our TVs sound. The only way we can watch anything with sound coming from the Soundbar as its set to, is to completely turn off the 360 box or even disconnect it. 

It's even got to the point where we are paying for Virgin 360 but cannot even watch it.

We even had an engineer from Virgin come out and basically he hadn't got a clue, other than say for some reason the 360 box clashes with the TV, sound settings. If no resolution by the end of our contract then I'll just cancel the 360 box and switch to Sky.

Hi Andy111,

Don't know if any of this will help, I have a LG C1 and a SP8YA soundbar.

TV settings are,

General, Devices, External Devices, Universal Control Settings; HDMI 1 Ziggo SET-TOP BOX + HDMI 2 LG Soundbar

Sound, Select Mode, AI Sound Pro

Soundbar settings,



360 Setting,

One Power, On

Volume keys control, LG TV

The 360 has not been paired to the soundbar and everything works OK, including using the LG magic remote to control the 360.


To add I've seen very limited success with vm360-panny old hdmi2 -eArc-Philips Soundbar hdmi-e-arc socket

No longer does soundbar auto switch from eArc to hdmi 1 from EArc being displayed.

VM Installer advised 360 wont work as did sky q, meaning I have to use soundbar remote every time when switching 360 from standby to select soundbar hdmi1 -boom then 360 switches on tv etc.

What happened to VM Atmos option since recent s/ware upgrade is is found using follow content.