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Credit agreement

Joining in

Hi I need help with my credit agreement. My address and mobile number are incorrect on my agreement and it says I’ve missed a payment but the payment has been taken this month. I’d just like to someone to give me some reassurance about my credit agreement as I can’t see much on the website🤦🏼‍♀️


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello meganridley2071


Thanks for taking the time to post on the forums in regards to your credit agreement and the discrepancies, we understand the confusion this can cause.


Have you been able to check this via the account portal? When you took the loan, you will have received two emails, one containing a link to your loan agreement and details and one with a password to access this. If you no longer have these lets us know and we can get them resent.

In regards to making changes or updating information, we aren't able to do this via the forums and you would need to speak to the team on 0345 602 4420 for assistance.