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Resolved! tv guide errors

I had a error on the tivo box near christmas, c133, a connection issue, I called customer service and went around doing all the same stuff I had already done and the issue was unresolved and a engineer booked, this resolved iself the day after, since...

scashman by Joining in
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Can't watch recordings on itv

I have a TIVO box which I've had since 2018. I've got a few series links set up. I went to watch a recording the other day, but it said Virgin Media can no longer play this recording. It's only happening on ITV and I don't know if it's to do with the...

GR11 by Joining in
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Test / fix HDD or replace box

One of our Tivo boxes is starting to have more "pauses" during playback of recorded programmes or via live tv.I cannot see a way to run a HDD check or look for SMART.  Is there anything to do that as it seems HDD based to me.  the other unit is fine ...

dolby by Joining in
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Blurred sky sports

Is it me or do virgin deliberately keep sky sports blurred so you have to pay the extra fee to watch it in HD I will seriously be looking elsewhere when my current contract expires 

tv box not working right

hi - im having trouble with my tv box - the remote will work and then stop working until i restart my tv box - ive checked batteries and its nothing to do with them - i have a spare remote and have checked that but its the same with that one too........

Tivo box lights flashing

HiI was watching a channel when it froze. I put the Tivo box into standby and it tried to reset, but it took its sweet time, so I tried to reset at the back. It went into startup mode, did nothing, then the lights on the front began to flash. It's be...

wishi by Superfast
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Resolved! Will Hub 5 delete my recordings?

Hi, forgetting all the technology! Anyway I logged on last week and found my contract has ended so I used the online chat and have ended up with a new contract that will send me a Hub 5 tomorrow. I forgot to ask for a transcript and don't have any em...

SarahC1 by Tuning in
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Virgin TiVo box rebooting, slow to respond

I’ve had a virgin TiVo box for a number of years and recently it has started to misbehave. Slow responses from commands sent from the remote even though I’ve changed the batteries. Regular (every few days) crashes where it’s just a black screen and h...

cdvm by Tuning in
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