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Resolved! Tivo box green screen 3 hour wait.

 Hi,I have a Tivo box , it has shown a green screen with wait 3 hours, it appeared to recover, but now it resets for around 10 min at a time on a random basis, can you help, have done all the reset and switch off stuff...

Freeview through my TiVo box

Hello, can anybody tell me if there is A Freeview only package offered through Virgin Media and what channels do you get on virgin Freeview service and if anybody knows the cost monthly of this, that would also be great  Thanks, everybody

Tivo intermittently pixelly

Our Tivo box has, for many months now, been intermittently pixelly, to the point of being unwatchable. This is on live TV (some channels are worse than others) and recordings we make.I have tried everything listed on the website, a number of times. R...

sools by On our wavelength
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Loose cable chewed cable

Hi our virgin cable is loose all round the house and it's been chewed at the back garden behind the TV cables are a mess if you touch the TV stand the virgin goes off we have had the same equipment for about 8 years can we get a total new wire and eq...

Sky History Channel 131

HiWe have The Curse of Oak Island on a series link on this channel and usually watch it later on (we're desperate for them to find this elusive treasure!), but we've noticed the listings are coming up with To Be Announced and therefore it's not recor...

wishi by Superfast
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Resolved! No subtitles on TOTP!

Hello y'allI am having the same recurring issue every week with old Top of the Pops episodes on BBC 4. The subtitles will NOT activate. I've tried everything and they will just not come on. Why is this?! I do not have this problem with any other prog...

TV issue - iplayer recordings

We have exactly the same problem. We even changed our TiVo box last year (losing all our recordings) but it’s started happening again. I see a lot of similar posts on here, so it can’t be the fault of iplayer or our TV.

WaynosOx by Joining in
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