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+++Known Issue+++ Sky Comedy - F010630126

Hi there, Some customers may be experiencing degraded picture and sound quality on Sky Comedy (channel 112) Our support team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating We apologies for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Best,

ModTeam by Moderator
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Netflix - Bundles and Activation

We are aware of some confusion around the inclusion of Netflix within some of our bundles. The Netflix Standard Plan is now included in the below bundles sold from 21st March 2022 only Biggest TV bundleBiggest TV Volt BundleUltimate Volt Bundle Pleas...

ModTeam by Moderator
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TiVo box - smaller style

I have the larger style TiVo box and noticed family and friends have a smaller one with VM. Do I need to ask for the smaller one and is this smaller box free? TIA    [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Resolved! What to do with old Tivo box

I've just received a 360 box as a replacement for a Tivo box.The Tivo is model CT8620 made '09102011'.There was a leaflet with the 360 box saying go to for instructions on what to do with the Tivo box. But that is a dea...

V6 to V360

I am on V6 at the moment, but there is a deal am considering but it says V360.Would it be wise to change to V360 and if I do is there much difference and is it any better or not 

RG6 to Ethernet cable

I have a cable which looks a RG6.On one end it has a RG6 termination and the other end has a PG45 Ethernet plug going into my router.Does anyone know where I could source a 2 metre one from.

Jz154z by Joining in
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Resolved! Recycling a TiVo box

Virgin recently sent me a TV 360 box and told me to take my old TiVo box to a recycling centre. I’m unsure if there would be any personal information stored. If so, I would remove the hard disk, assuming I can get into the box.Any thoughts appreciate...

AlanW4 by Tuning in
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Resolved! No tv or internet again

No TV or Internet again, and phone hasn't worked for years even though they fixed it 3 times.Time for a new provider I think.Been with sane since they were blueyonder. Now with O2 compete false.I'd be better off with free sat

TiVo Box Recording Issues

Hi,Recently one of my 2 TiVo boxes has started having recording issues. There is plenty of room on the hard drive. When we play back something it’s all pixelated and laggy. Only recordings in the last few weeks do this.Older recordings work fine.Any ...

Manfonse by Joining in
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