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Poor TV pic on TIVO

Hello there been a long time since i posted on here, can someone from virgin media please contact me ASAP i need an engineer visit the picture on my tv is so bad i can't watch it its breaking up on all my TVs just been on hold for 30 mins then got cu...

TIvo remote control

Got a new Tivo remote control today from GXO  cant get sound function working by pressing the button also the RC is smaller than the original one that came with the  TIvo box.

wb2222 by Tuning in
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Resolved! App gone from tv

The App to access virgin tv has disappeared! It’s not in the App Store we have a Samsung smart tv , any idea’s please

Leepj by Joining in
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TV Remote for elderly relative

Hi, We have the same issue with my father in law, he’s becoming increasingly forgetful on how to use the remote and is constantly recording programs and filling his memory up so nothing works. I would like to know about remotes that would be better f...

Rachv by Joining in
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Resolved! new tvio box fitted but having problems problems

the enginner fitted a new tvio box today my old one had the dreaded green screen ,he also suppplied a new remote .but when i turn off the box to standbye the new box completley switches off and takes ages to reload when i switch on like if i have tur...

septicsam by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Tivo Upgrade

Hi,I have a legacy Tivo box and was wondering if the upgrade to a V6 box is a free upgrade? I take Virgin TV, broadband and phone.    Also, does the Tivo 6 and 360 box work via hard wire connection (cable) or do they rely on wi-fi?

Drumbeat by Dialled in
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tivo remote

ordered a new remote for my tivo box and was sent remote for vm want to charge me £9.99 for a new tivo remote. anyone help please ?

arhydynos by On our wavelength
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