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Resolved! DVR green screen again

I’ve got the green DVR fault screen again tonight so I’m currently waiting through the 3 hour reset. e this happened was on 2 July, so just a couple of weeks ago.  Can I request either a tech visit or a new TiVo box through here please?

plums1 by Joining in
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Can’t pair Newly sent remote to old TiVo box

I have an old TiVo box and my remote broke. New one sent is smaller but will not pair with TiVo box. I have followed all the instructions but my TiVo box does not have the same buttons on it as the instructions are saying to press. can I have the cor...

Wendsls by Tuning in
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Cant view tivo recordings

Tried to watch a recording on my tivo which told me I can't watch it because syfy+1 is no longer available Don't understand its a recording why should the fact that +1 has been removed make any difference to a recording I made months ago Is there a w...

Matt69 by Joining in
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Missing subtitles

I'm missing subtitles for a show called The Good Doctor, on demand via Sky Witness. The subtitles were working fine on Season 1, 2 and the first few episodes of season 3 however they don't appear now on the later episodes (they still work on the olde...

dotsend by Tuning in
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Hi,  I’ve had horrendous pixelation making the to unwatchable for nearly 2 weeks , the app says to switch off / on , done this countless times , spent time to get the automated replies, says there is an intermittent issue try again , 2 WEEKS LATER st...

DanAbi by Joining in
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Moving to a non virgin area

We are thinking of moving house but where we are looking doesn't have virgin available.  It is a new development which has fibre broadband supplied by other providers so I was wondering if it was possible to keep my current virgin tv package but conn...

Resolved! YouTube

Hello.Has anyone else noticed the change in YouTube? Up until Saturday 15th I could scroll down through rows and rows of video thumbnails sorted into topics, eg Technology, Engineering, Cooking etc. now there are only two rows and a message that says...

Leaving Virgin but keeping Tivo box

I'm thinking about leaving virgin who I have a tv & broadband package with. If move to another provider for broadband only, will my Tivo box continue to work, and if so will I still be able to watch recorded programmes.