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Awful tv

Anyone else in Tamworth having terrible issues with TV box? I have 2, horrific service on both and customer service appalling! 

Mumi by Joining in
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Tivo box continually rebooting

Hello,Since this afternoon my Tivo box has started rebooting itself continually.  It shows the welcome screen and then waits for a bit and then reboots itself.  I have checked all cables to make sure they are secure.I couldn't seem to find a way as r...

colllie by Tuning in
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Resolved! M63 code

Hiya,had my address corrected on the system but did not move. Now have M63 error code and limited service, cannot record or live pause etc. Been to various departments but no resolution yet. Any ideas? 

Resolved! Tivo remote

I have been sent replacement tivo remote, the small one. I know it doesn't work on our old tivo as we have a v6 box as well, any help in how to get the correct large one please. We are disabled so can not easily mess about with it. 

Trevh by On our wavelength
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TiVo box

Our TiVo box has stopped working and is stuck in start up mode. I have requested a technician and had an appointment for today. I have called to check timings to find the technician has been cancelled due to an issue in my postcode that should be sol...

MeKT by Joining in
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TiVo problem

I have been without TV for over a week.  On Friday morning 1st December my TiVo Box (don't know which model, but it's about 10 years old) started to reboot, but after anout three minutes re-set itself and started the reboot again.  According to servi...

Resolved! iPlayer issues

HiI have a Mega TV with Gig1Volt package.I have 2 TiVo boxes (7 years old) and have recently been experiencing the same problem with both. iPlayer has either not been able to load or has taken several minutes to load and then playback has stuttered o...

CC215 by Joining in
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Pairing TiVo Remote

Hi I just got a new controller for the tivo box but I'm having trouble pairing the new remote I've pressed the down button on the tivo box for 10 seconds and then pressed info on the remote for 7 seconds and it flashed green twice then pressed the up...

cool2005 by Tuning in
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Tv issues in PA2 area

Anybody else having loss of picture/sound/pixelation in the PA2 area. Been like this for 2 days now and the checker shows they hood to have it fixed by 12noon on Tuesday 19/12.  Are they having a laugh?  We are going back to Freeview as at least that...