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Problems logging in to iPlayer and YouTube etc

Tuning in

I recently had a new Virgin box installed to replace a faulty one.  However, I don't now seem to be able to log into iPlayer or YouTube.  I just get a security message telling me my Virgin connection is not recognised.  Has anyone else had this, and how can I get rid of it? 


Your experience sounds horrendous, and it is so frustrating when even a technician can't fix the problems.  I understand Virgin are aware of the problems people are having with the new boxes, and say they are working to fix it.  How long we will have to wait goodness only knows.  I don't use sports channels or even Sky, so my problem is with the catch-up and on demand services.  I can only access these channels on my laptop - which is also powered by Virgin!  The next time I am in contact with Virgin I will stress that I am not happy to be paying more and more for a service which doesn't deliver what it promises, and will be looking for another provider.  I certainly  won't bepaying the increase in charges this year!

Joining in

I am having the same issue and I have a Virgin TV V6 box, I have two boxes one, thankfully is working fine, but the other has suddenly started to display the message (screenshot below) for BBC IPlayer, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc. I am worried that the other will also stop working.  Can't find any official fix on the VM web pages - what do you do?  When will it be fixed?screen message displayedscreen message displayed

Joining in

We have had a new box fitted today, we can no longer access iPlayer, prime TV ,itvx or you tube keep getting the security error "this server could not be prove rhat

Hi @LadyoftheManor, @stuartrollox, @ElizaEC, @Ballingdon, @nellyb87 👋.

Thanks for all of you reaching out to us and welcome to the Community Forums for those who are new here. Apologies to everyone who is having an issue with security issues relating to app on your TV boxes. We have been aware of the error and has been an ongoing issue and all parties that have been involved in this such as Virgin and TiVo have been looking into a fix, this is being rolled out and should be resolving the issues as we speak.

If you are still presented with this issue after the 15th March, please do let us know ASAP, we thank you for your patience in this matter.