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When will the 10gb port on the hub 5x start working?

Tuning in

Title. Anyone from virgin please advise when this port will stop connecting at 100 and work as it should? 


Community elder

What device are you connecting it to?

Not heard of this issue.

Any device. Confirmed by virgin engineers, replaced twice. It's clearly the firmware. 

Any device?

1Gbps ethernet, 2.5Gbps ethernet, 10Gbps ethernet?

Not sure what you mean. I've tried multiple laptops and desktops, and the virgin engineers devices they use for testing. It always operates at 100Mbps

I meant as in devices capable of those speeds.

Other users are using the 10Gbps ethernet port at 10Gbps, 1Gbps, and 2.5Gbps with no issues so unsure what your problem is.

Yes, neither am I, that's why I made this post, so actual virgin employees can advise when this will be fixed. 

They will just say there is nothing to fix as other users are ok.

Could be firmware version related, so best to check that in the HUB settings for when VM do reply.


info from my 5x here

Looks like the image has been rejected, probably due to containing some personal info.