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Dialled in

I’m on the 1gb service with a hub 4 and have been having intermittent loss of service for several weeks, often at 1740 for about 15 minutes. There was then a complete loss of internet access from midnight for 4 hours and then many dropouts one morning whist (trying to) WFH. (As monitored by NetUptimeMonitor)

After finally getting to speak to someone from technical support, this is a rough summary:

TS: Has it rained recently where you are? (Ably demonstrating a problem with offshore staff)

A: Pretty much daily for 2 months. Why would there be a regular loss of service at 1740? Nothing happens in the house at that time.

TS: Your hub seems to have been moved. I can see it’s picking up a lot of electrical interference.

A: It’s been in the same place since an engineer put the line in years ago.

TS: This interference will stop your WiFi.

A: Nothing is nearby to cause interference. Would the interference you can see affect a desktop plugged in to the hub?

TS: No. 

A: Then why does that lose internet access when WiFi devices do?

TS: I’ll send someone to look at the wires outside your house. (No one has arrived.)

There was more to this exchange which seemed to be governed by a script rather than any technical insight but I lost track of the advisor’s lack of logical thinking. There has since been a ‘factory reset’ of the hub.  I hope this works.


Dialled in

No one has arrived to ‘look at the wires’ and so, after many years, I have decided to leave. This morning I received a phone call, confirming drop outs in my area which had now been fixed. When I commented that I was unaware of this I was asked why I was not checking the Virgin app. I explained that in an area with very poor phone signal I used WiFi calling and relied upon internet connection…

It was then that I was told that I could have had an offer to stay. Too late!

I made the point a number of years ago that Virgin is a communications company that has problems communicating. I shall see if the grass is greener elsewhere, only thanks to poor support and a failure to notify customers when problems arise.  It should not be the customer who has got to try to discover where there are issues.

Wise owl

Unfortunately you wouldn't have gotten a response from the VM team in this section of the forum.