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Virgin TV Go App asking to register same device every time

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All my devices for tv app filling up and old ones also sitting in the list.
Now telling me I need to reset the devices. I can't believe the app is using cookies or whatever instead of authorisation in the app itself .. bit ridiculous and terrible design flaw..

Please delete all my devices telling me I need to wait until November (26 days time!!!) to use it again

samsung SM-G998B 26 days
kallum - Opera 26 days
Andy PC - Google Chrome or app(Current device) 26 days
samsung SM-G998B 26 days
AndyPC - Google Chrome 26 days

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @madheaduk

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

You would be limited to the amount of device changes that you can perform per month and would then need to wait until the following month once you reach that limit. You can find more information here.


Zach - Forum Team
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On our wavelength


I’m experiencing a similar issue. Telling us to wait till Nov isn’t the answer we’re looking for. The device was working & now isn’t. How is waiting going to resolve the issue? Isn’t the exact same thing going to happen?

On our wavelength


I pay virginmedia a great deal of money for the services you provide  And a part of that service that I pay for is TV go... If TV go doesnt work... Which it clearly doesnt for me and many many other customers and you are refusing to allow me access to the services that I have paid for. Please provide details of your complaints process so I can make a claim for your failure to provide the services that make up my contract. I have over 30 years in IT in various developer and architect roles. Your app is faulty and or your design is flawed. If your allowed 5 devices fine but there is no technical reason why I can not add or remove them myself. Unless you can provide a reason as to why? Especially, as on these forums you have already removed all active devices for many customers .. so  your customers can again use the services that they have paid for without having to wait for a month .. or any other period of time 

I look forward to your response. 


Ps I never actually finished the original post correctly and I could nit edit it after it was submitted ..  that wiuld be a handy new feature ... 

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Log in to your account on the app’s website or through the app itself. Navigate to Account Settings or a similar section. Look for a section labeled ‘Devices’, ‘My Devices’, or something similar. Here, you should see a list of all registered devices. If the app allows, you can remove a device by selecting an option like ‘Remove Device’ or ‘Unregister’. If you’re being told to wait until November to manage your devices, it’s likely due to a policy that only allows changes to registered devices after a certain period. This is a common security measure to prevent unauthorized access and changes. For specific instructions, you should check the help or support section of the TV app’s official website, or contact their customer support directly. They can provide steps tailored to their system and may be able to assist you with removing devices if you explain your situation.