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VTGo app makes me re register device

Tuning in

Hi, I am having an issue where I need to register my device every time I open the app. Once registered I can watch what I want until I close the app.

i have not cleared my cache or my cookies, that I am aware off. But I have got a new phone and since I have got the phone it has made me register it 3 times. It shows up on the list as a registered device but will not allow me to watch anything because I have ran out of swaps for the month.

i have seen other topics where a virgin media staff member has offered to refresh the swaps, this is not a fix and unless they are willing to give unlimited swaps until the problem is fully resolved this is not an option. I just want to watch tv on my phone on my device that IS REGISTERED, what is so hard about that ?! 

i have re registered my iPhone 15 pro 3 times now and I cannot do it again until May meaning I cannot use the app. It’s a joke and I have noticed that there is multiple cases of this problem and nothing seems to be getting done to resolve the issue.

details below: 

Build: 5.07.8308+10881
Device: iPhone16,2
OS: iOS 17.4.1
Video Player: Unknown
Conviva: 4.0.41
Connection Type: WiFi - (N/A)
Customer HH: 108809477_gb
Mqtt Broker Status: CONNECTED
Device IP:
OV: 4.2.33
OV Device Name: DE27ACDA-916E-43EF-B6B9-D92C182E198C
OV Power Status: OKAY
OV Network Status: OKAY
OV Disk Status: OKAY
OV Download Enabled: true


iPhone 15 pro max 

iOS 17.4.1

Latest build of the VTVGo app 

Assistance would be appreciated 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you have MAC randomisation (Private Wi-Fi addresses) turned on, I should turn it off. Otherwise each time you connect to WiFI, Virgin's systems will see the device as a new device and not the same one. 

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Tuning in

Hi, thanks for that, does this apply when watching over mobile network also ? 

Because I have just tried to connect via 5g at work and it’s still telling me to register the device even know it’s already registered ? 


Hey @Hudspith1996 Thanks for the reply on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm so sorry to hear about the issues with the TV Go app you are having. 😢
You can reset this on the MyVM app / home page.

Are you able to reset the app / registered devices and try register it again and see if this problem continues?
Let us know how it goes and we can assist from there. 🧾

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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