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Tv go app says 360 box is offline

Tuning in

I have the Virgin TV go app and 2 Virgin 360 boxes. When I go to the app, it says both my boxes are offline

Both are on, connected to the Internet and are deffo not offline. My sister has the same problem. 


Is there a problem with the service?


On our wavelength

I have also just noticed this issue. I have internet connection perfectly fine via the Virginmedia hub for computers and mobile devices but both my 360 boxes state that they have no internet connection and cannot load Home screen/apps/catch up etc. Virginmedia status reports no issues but there must be something going on at their end or with software surely?

Hi flee1979

Sorry to hear that both you and your sister have the same issue with the TV Go app. Have you always had this issue, or has it only started recently?

Do you have a guest network set up? If so and if you are connected to it, the app won't find your TV Boxes. You'll need to be connected to your normal default home network.

Have you tried factory resetting your Hub and re-downloading the app?