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Sky Sports error code OVP_00200

On our wavelength

Hi, I hope that somebody can help please.

I've been accessing Sky Sports through the sky sports app without issue for ages. Last night I decided to put the football on while I was dealing with some emails and got the error code along with the message " Sorry, your session has expired. Please sign out and in again on the website". When I did that I had the same message again and again and again.

I have tried the following:

Rebooting the Hub. Uninstalling and re installing the Sky Sports App. Clearing the cache in Microsoft Edge (current version of Edge running in Windows 10). Defragged the machine. Restarted the machine. Switched the machine off, letting everything cool, then starting cold. Logging in directly to Sky Sports and letting the app just act as the desktop player. There might have been a couple of other things as it consumed my evening.

This morning the same issue after a night of being switched off. I think that I've done most of the "DOH!!" things, including checking TNT sports intermittently, where everything is working fine....

I don't know whether this is a fresh problem, just mine or whether it's more widespread? The last time that everything worked was 48 hours earlier with NO activity on the intervening 24 hours.

Any help would be gratefully received πŸ™‚



Thank you for popping back to us @999emergency 

Can I just check were you able to follow the link to check for sky sports support at all?

Hi Ashleigh,

Yes I did thanks, but no help at all. The site seems to be focussed on setting things up, not troubleshooting. I did a quick search and there are a few people reporting this issue across quite a few browsers so either there are relatively few people reporting it or else there are only a few of us with .Gov accounts mixed with recording studio software! πŸ˜„



Thanks for coming back to us 999emergency, If you are still having issues with this Sky Sports Website desktop player, can you confirm if the issue is with one specific channel or on all Sky Sport channels? 

Kind Regards,


This issue still exists. Its just a continuous loop of sign in sign out. I've had this issue for over a month. All sky sports channels excluding mix and news as they can be viewed directly from the virgin tv go ap. Tried chrome and opera browsers latest versions. As in the direct web version and also the desktop version via chrome. Windows 10 latest version 

just move it back into the virgin app alongside the other channels. Ridiculous having to watch it through a external desktop sky app with limited controls. Also it doesnt even go full screen on tablet devices without a stupid border above and below the video

error is ovp_00200

Hi Bizzle786 πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining this thread. 

If we can just get a little more clarification from you on some of the issues you are having. Please let us know the following;

-Have you tried using Incognito browsing? And if so, does the issue persist?

-Have you tried clearing cookies and cache?

-Is the border issue happening when viewing via Sky's online viewing service, or via our platform TV GO?

-Have you tried updating your password? (Sometimes this can clear some invisible errors, and just reboot things). 

Let us know and we will do our best to offer further support. Thanks for your patience! 🌞