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Recordings not available on tv go using tablet

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What error message do you get, what are the channels and programmes you can't watch, can you watch live TV on the tablet and is it an android or iOS or even a windows tablet, any information you can provide might help you get an answer.


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Sorry-we can't play this at the moment. 

Can watch live TV. Just recordings can't watch.Tried engineers answer of disconnecting and reconnecting from box. It's an android tablet.

Hey Davy72, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this, also a warm welcome to the community.

Please can you let me know what type of content are you looking to watch is it on channels such iplayer, ITV hub etc?

Is it working on any other devices?

Matt - Forum Team

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It's only recordings can't watch on android tablet. Was working OK for years until few weeks ago. Can still get everything on tv. I've tried the engineers go to on a previous post of disconnecting & reconnecting from box,to no avail. Thanks 

Thank you for your response. Have you tried using any other devices to see if the issue is replicated? Also, can you access your recording on your set-top box? 

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Unavailable on 2 other devices. Can access and play recordings through set top box. Thanks. 

Which other 2 devices are you having issues with?

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It's only on my android tablet can't play recordings. Can still play them on android phone. 

Hi @Davy72,

Thanks for expanding. On the impacted device(s), have you made sure that you've downloaded both the latest version of the app and also the latest version of the device's OS?


Zach - Forum Team
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