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Re: TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

Tuning in
  • The problem started within the last week. However this same issue has happened to me before, a year or more ago.
  • MacBook Pro (14.1.1), MacBook Air (14.1.1), MacMini (12.6.9) - all running the latest version of Chrome, but using the Virgin TV Go Chrome browser app. All affected. All want to register a new device EVERY time they are used. However the app on my iPhone 12 Pro (17.1.1) is working fine - i.e. the iOS app does seem to remember that I'm using the same device each time.
  • No, I do not manually clear cache/cookies or have a program that does this after each session.
  • Yes, it is happening every time the apps are used. Each time it is treating the machines as though they are a totally new device.

VERY annoying! And now I can't use the service on these devices because I'm at my device limit, even though some are duplicates, and ALL of them are ALREADY REGISTERED DEVICES. 

Please can I get this reset ASAP, and please can a solution to this clearly serious issue be found! (This problem doesn't happen with Sky Go for example...)


Tuning in