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Logging in to Sky Sports Player

Dialled in

Is anyone else having problems logging in today?

I am watching the Monaco Grand Prix on my TV and wanted to watch the Championship Play Off Final on Sky Sports by streaming it on my laptop. But I cannot log in using my VM account details.

I changed my password but it still does not recognise me. I guess I am not getting to watch 2 sports at the same time today. Is there anything else I can try?

What a scunner!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @petersladdie 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear of this on the go issue with the details not being recognised. Did this solve itself during the event? 

If not, are you still getting the not recognised error message today? Keep me posted.

Forum Team

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John, thank you. for some reason your email went to my junk folder. On Sunday afternoon when I was having this problem I tried to log into my virgin email account but the link from the VM homepage took me to a help page with lots of helpful information about managing my email account. I rang customer services and actually got to speak to someone who was going to inform the team that there may be a problem with logging in with virgin email addresses. I was able to log into the sky sports player using my gmail account and live streamed the football. I have not tried to log in using my virgin email address again, I probably wont use the sky sports player until the football season starts again in August.

Hi petersladdie,

Thank you for reaching back out, glad you were able to sign in and use the App using your Gmail email.

In regards to your Email issue what exactly is happening and how are you accessing your emails?



Paul, thank you. the problem with accessing my ntlworld email is that the link to my email account from your website took me to a help page instead of the email log in page. I do not use it very often, I usually access it from my outlook account.

I will in future stop using my ntlworld email address as a username. Previous experience has taught me that when there is a problem with your email service users cannot use their (virgin) email address as user names. This does not show up in the service status as a fault, maybe this is something that could be looked at. 

Thanks for the update @petersladdie,

We will be sure to use any relevant feedback issued to the business to help improve our provided services further moving forward.