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Stream FAQs

STREAM FAQs: What is Stream?Stream is our new TV product providing a subscription-based streaming service. It's a flexible offering, allowing you to choose and manage your subscriptions yourself and not be bound to a minimum contract term for TV serv...

Zach_R by Forum Team
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Stream Box

Hi,My stream TV box keeps randomly rebooting whilst we are watching things, this can happen two to three times a night and is very frustrating.I have tried changing the HDMI cable, using a different port, turning it on and off again at the plug etc a...

Tom12346 by Joining in
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Resolved! Stream box remote not working

Have had stream for quite some time with no issues and now the remote will not work have tried to re pair and factory re set neither has worked have also changed batteries 

Plallon by Joining in
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Stream Box - Not Bad at all !

Hi,having ditched Virgin Media back in November after 33 Years with UA, Telewest etc due to CS having no interest in keeping us after the contract was up for renewal. It's the First time I felt like we were treated like dirt by VM.Anyway we are back ...

Brava210 by Fibre optic
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Resolved! New Stream box not booting up.

I initially followed all of the instructions received with the Stream box and it didn't work at all. No lights, therefore I assumed no power. Process of elimination I've managed to work out that the power adapter doesn't work and I've swapped it for ...

MontyPup by On our wavelength
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Intermittent streaming

Sometimes when I turn on my TV with the Virgin remote the stream box won’t connect. It happens randomly but fairly often and I can’t work out why.  When the light on my stream box is white it doesn’t seem to connect but when it’s blue it does. What’s...

ShelleyP by Joining in
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Intermittent Connection with Stream Box

Our stream box has intermittent connection issues with our TV and cuts out the App we are watching (Disney, BBC, Netflix etc). It says it has a resolution issue, however, it has been trialled on two TVs, one being brand new and it still has the same ...

Wrong Movie Description - Emergency (2022)

The description for the 2022 movie 'Emergency' is incorrect. It says a group of Latino college students when it should just be college students - the movie is centred around a group of two african american boys and their latino friend.