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TNT ultimate No Audio

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Hi all,


Has anyone having issues with audio on TNT ultimate, I have no audio at all, picture is prefect but no sound. I notice a number of issues with TNT ultimate sport over last couple of weeks. With the channel being suck and now this. Works perfectly on TNT sports 1 though!?


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Im having exactly the same issue in my stream box hd1 works fine but no audio on ultimate.

Anyone had any joy yet? 

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I’m having same issue. Any resolution yet ?

Same issue using virgin stream box. No sound only on tnt ultimate, every other channel fine. I've tried unplugging other devices, changing hdmi cables and ports, changing sound settings. Nothing works. Can an admin message me to resolve as virgin stream box seems to have no technical support.

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I am also experiencing this problem. I have done a complete reboot of the device. 

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Just a quick question, what tv are we all using? Mine in LG

Same issue, Panasonic tv so it’s not the tv. No volume on ultimate.

Same problem here! I’ve never watched a game all the way through without sound failure. Always end up switching back to TNT Sports 1. Whenever I run checks it finds problems and says it can’t help at the moment, come back in half an hour???

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I'm getting TNT with Ultimate soon so I'd very much like yo know whether this issue has been rectified if not. Clearly it's nothing to do with the end user settings or experience.

Hello The_Red_Silence.

Thanks for your post.

When you do subscribe to TNT ultimate, Can you please let us know if you experience any audio break up.

That way we will be able to take a look at this in more depth for you.