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Joining in

Hi just spoke with someone about the stream box we didn’t receive and was told that we can’t have our main box and stream and that stream is freeview only and that we would lose Netflix which we pay through Netflix themselves not through virgin 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi speedvisionuk 

Any VM broadband customers can add a VM Stream box providing they don't ialready have any other VM TV offering.

If you already receive TV via VM then you would need to give 30 days notice to cancel that TV subscription and then add the Stream box. It's one Stream box per house, and Stream doesn't have a recording facility.

Full details on Stream can be found on the following page 

Regarding Netflix on the Stream box. There is a 10% Stream credit back on selected entertainment subscriptions you pay for through your Virgin Media bill. These include subscriptions like Netflix and Disney+ Premium, as well as Sky Sports and Essential Entertainment.

Regarding Stream TV channels. There is a selection of free channels (mainly freeview) and paid channels available.

See /virgin-tv-edit/tips-and-tricks/stream-from-virgin-media-channel-guide 

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Tuning in

Hi speedvisionuk

Most Apps are available on the Virgin Stream box, i also subscribe and pay for Netflix direct,  but was able to sign in via stream, as I was also able to do with Disney+ and Prime. 

Also there are a lot of streaming channels which are not on Freeview, these are also free to watch.