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Can't Manage Virgin Media Stream

Tuning in

I am seemingly unable to access the Virgin Media Web page where you manage Stream (below):

I have attempted to access it a number of times over two weeks but I get the loading sign (spinning Virgin Media sign) but it never loads. 

I can access other parts of the websites (I. E. My bill and person info but not this section. 

See photo of the page it gets stuck on below:


For reference, I have attempted to access the website on my mobile, laptop, tablet and a separate laptop and get the same problem every time.

I really need a resolution to this as I don't have time to spend 30-45 mins waiting on a phone to check on subscriptions and/or cancel them.


Good idea @Mattc86, I used @iXNine 's template and also made a complaint (Ref: C-1303241753). I wonder if anyone will get a response?

Well what a surprise, my complaint has already been deleted:


Absolutely outrageous!


No, that means there's nothing yet to report at that page. It hasn't been deleted as nobody would even get to action it within 48 hours, as they tell you in the response email.

Dialled in

Let’s hope it triggers something to get this fixed a corporation of virgins side should not have IT/Web issues like this ongoing 

Tuning in

Just spent best part of three hours on webchat asking to cancel my TNT Sports subscription.  I was told it was already cancelled (I've no idea how - I didn't do it!).  I said I could still view the channels and was told to disregard that.  My guess is that the whole Stream subscription database has fallen over.

Seems to be fixed on my account now 🙂

Just checked, it's come back to life on the website for me as well!  Perhaps they turned it off and on again 😂

Goodness, and on mine too!

Mine too, happy days