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Slow and getting worse

Joining in

So we had an offer after a year to upgrade (from 350) to 500mb. When we checked the offer we could also take a 1gb package, for only a fiver a month we took it. The problem we have is the speed is rubbish. Speed test on cat6 gig Ethernet is only getting at best 650mb down, but was getting 105mb up. Average 450mb down, morning, afternoon and night, peak and off, with nothing else using the internet.

I raised a ticket as I was getting fed up of not getting what I paid for. The hub is a 4 and not replaced when upgraded, not a major issue as it’s supposed to be ok for 1 gig.

The response was dismal. They have checked I have no restrictions or issues and they thank me for my continued contract length of 15 months. That’s it, nothing else!

My speed however is now 250mb down and 35mb up! This is actually worse than when I was on 350mb! I have emailed back with screenshots of speed tests, and the threat I will contact offcom in 30 days if there is no resolution.

I know they don’t have to provide max service but surely I should be getting better than this?



Check the speed to the VM Hub and between the Hub / your device with this link:

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

Share a screen shot of the full test to show the performance of the service.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey kunin, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this, also a warm welcome to the community.

The speeds you get at home will, of course, depend on a variety of factors, it depends on your package, what and how many devices you have, how they are connected amongst other things.
We do have a download speed guarantee though - this will show the minimum speed we would expect for all our packages - you can take a look at that here

Did the advice above help?


Matt - Forum Team

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