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Pings are 2-3 times worse after extra TV box installed.

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An engineer has just hooked up a new TV box and it's made the pings on my internet connection substantially worse with a spread that is 2-3 times longer.
The includes images shows my pings before and after the installation, along with after resetting the box using MetaPing to,,, and
It's now been 90 minutes and it's still the same.


Alessandro Volta

Maybe the box is downloading?


Community elder

I hope they adjusted the power levels when adding the other box.

power levels won't cause this


@legacy1 wrote:

power levels won't cause this

The only thing that's changed is the addition of another device, which would affect power levels.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Additional boxes use a direct connection to the coax to receive the live broadcast channels. While this won’t affect the speed of the connection, the additional cable & splitter will add resistance to the entire installation, so a signal balance is essential to keep the levels right.

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