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Broadband download speed

Joining in

Hi . I'm on the 1gig package but when I download via the WiFi I get no more than 180 download speed on the xbox x and other devices.  Can some one guide me into making it faster . When I do a speed test I'm getting results of 500 to 680 . Thanks


Community elder

First we need to confirm if you are getting full speed over VM's network to your HUB:


Hi Ianhumpry

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your broadband speeds. I can appreciate this must be frustrating. 

Were you able to run a speed test via Samknows as advised? It's natural for speeds to be a bit lower over wireless connections as it's not as stable as wired connections, but it is a considerable drop. 

Due to hardware limitations, the speed tests on a console aren't always accurate. 

Let us know if you're still having issues and we'll be happy to help 😊