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Best way to boost speed?

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I signed up to Virgin Media after moving into a new place 3 months ago. The problem is it’s an 80 year old house and while I’m paying for 1gbps and getting it into the router, my PC is upstairs a fair distance away and the power line adapters I’ve bought at best are delivering 65mbps. Out of curiosity I connected a very long CAT8 cable directly to my PC from the router and immediately saw the speed jump to around 160mbps, but this still feels sub par and not ideal as I can’t run a long wired cable like this permanently.

I’ve seen people recommending mesh Wi-Fi, although is there anything else I can realistically do to boost the speed my desktop is getting? I’m not so worried about other devices using the Wi-Fi etc and what speed they get, but I’d like to get the best speed I can to my desktop PC if possible.


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